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Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing the way the world does business

Other industries are able to adopt and adapt. Why should the immigration industry be any different?  It’s not.  

Professionals that deal with immigration should take advantage of predicative tools and smart data modeling to let technology do the work for you, where it makes sense. While automation can never substitute an attorney’s role in defining, strategizing, and executing immigration processes, it can help improve overall operational efficiency.

  • Speed up turnaround times.
  • Streamline and improve case processing.
  • Reduce manual efforts and human errors.
  • Deliver more accurate results faster.
  • Have more meaningful conversations, focusing on facts rather than subjective experiences.

Is your team still processing and reviewing standard operational reports the old fashion way…manually? You can do better than that!

Most case management software doesn’t integrate automation and artificial intelligence into the workstream.  Immilytics’ Automation Services help immigration groups integrate automation into their daily practice to SAVE TIME and REDUCE ERRORS.

Get rid of the "manual" effort, and let Immilytics automatically deliver instant insights and reliable recommendations to address:

  • Retrieving data from CBP and USCIS' websites,
  • Auditing the quality and integrity of your data,
  • Reviewing operational reports (contains advanced built-in algorithms),
  • Retrieving key information from scanned receipt and approval notices.

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Interested in saving time and reducing errors related to reviewing standard operational reports? Then you are ready
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