HR and Global Mobility Managers


Instant Insight into Global Mobility Processes

To develop a more agile global mobility strategy, Human Resource Groups and Global Mobility Managers need to have real-time insight into visa and green card processes for their employees. HR and global mobility professionals need to adapt to innovative, emerging technology solutions that enable you to quickly connect disparate, siloed data and present it in meaningful context to help all stakeholders make smart business decisions faster.






Corporate 360˚
Immigration Program


Corporate 360 Immigration Program View



Custom Dashboards That Meet Your Need

Custom Dashboards That Meet Your Needs

ImmiLytics’ custom dashboards empower HR Groups and Global Mobility Managers to instantly gain a 360˚ view of the success of your immigration programs. Our customizable dashboards are designed to meet the specific needs of your business. We also understand the value of providing immigration data in context of your role or responsibility. Immilytics enables groups to configure stakeholder-specific dashboards or views to provide information that is relevant.

  • CFO view may see specific numbers (Immigration Spend),
  • HR view may show the number of “Visa Dependent New Hires” and “Immigration Service Satisfaction Results” (Employee Satisfaction Survey),
  • Business Line Manager view could share the immigration and case status of direct reports.